From 2009 to 2020 for more than a decade gambling remained illegal in Ukraine. It was the Ukrainian President VolodymyrZelensky who finally made gambling legal again by passing the bill 2285D. Gambling has now been divided into eight sectors in Ukraine out of which the most popular are online casino and retail casino.

This sure has made many of those players who have been yearning to play a game at the casino Ukraine for years. However, since the gambling industry was practically dead for many years how do you now find the best options?

This is a major concern for those who enjoy gambling and going to the casinos. Thus they surf the internet looking for reviews online in order to make their decision. But now you don’t need to visit individual links in order to read up on the various options available sinceUkraine Casinos has all the information under one roof.


Ukraine casinos has a fleet of analysts and reviewers who are reviewing different casinos and hotels each and every day. While reviewing these casinos these experts have a checklist that they need to corroborate with in order to ensure the users are not misled or misinformed. You can blindly trust these reviews and relax while Ukraine Casinos does your homework for you. The platform has fished out some of the best and leading casinos and hotels in Ukraine just for you so that you don’t have to go through the hassle anymore.

The platform has devised a system that is not just transparent but safe too. Ukraine casinos subscribe to the casinos so that they can first judge for themselves how good or bad it is. This also gives the platform the opportunity to sift out those casinos that are not safe enough. After this rigorous process what is brought to the ultimate user of the platform is clear and reliable review of the casinos.

How Does The Testing Process Work

The reviewing platform Ukraine Casinos follows various steps to test the different hotels and casinos, such as Casino Kiev. The goal of the platform is to recommend only reliable, legal and reputable casinos so that no player or user falls prey to any sort of scam or fraudulent scheme. For this reason they carry out a background check with respect to each casino with the experts often visiting the casinos for a first-hand experience as well. Another important factor that the platform considers during its testing process is the sort of games that the casinos they are reviewing offer. Obviously if the games are not interesting and enticing enough then players wouldn’t want to play.

The next most important factor is the welcome bonuses and promotions. Some casinos have very interesting and extraordinary bonuses to offer and these casinos are therefore more famous than the others. This could be something as simple as a discount on membership. The promotions could also vary from reload bonuses to cashback deals to free spins to no-deposit bonuses

Licensing Requirements

Ukraine Casinos also has a page designated to the requirements for licensing which is very helpful to first time user. Beginners can benefit a lot from information like the eligibility to apply for gambling license. Operators must be in possession of capital reserves in order for them to be eligible to apply. If that is not possible then there is an option to provide a $1.3 million bank guarantee as well.

The platform also refers to the gambling taxes that have fortunately been reduced from 18% to 10%. There is information relating to online gambling licenses available on the platform as well. The Ukrainian government is initially offering just ten licenses for betting services and online gambling.


Ukraine Casinos is hands down the most reliable and useful platform out there with a plethora of information regarding casinos and hotels ind Ukraine. If you have any query regarding traditional and online casinos be assured that Ukraine Casinos has already got it covered. So what are you waiting for start your gambling experience with one of the best and most reliable review platforms out there.