The idn live slot is currently one of the most popular games because of the ease to play and plenty of winning prizes even with minimum betting amount. You can play slots straight from your screen without having to download apps. Even in the mobile casino version, you can play straight from your browser, as the gaming platforms are optimized for Android and iOS. In order to win by playing online slots you need to play on a safe, fair and honest website. There are many bonuses and extra functions on the machines that allow you to increase the balance in your account.

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The software for online slot games is amazing. When registering the account at the casino, new players receive the free spins bonus. This bonus offers around 30 to 60 free spins that can give you extra chances to win. In the new versions of online slots, you will find new features like scatters, bonus rounds, free spins and wild that make the game much more relaxed and full of possibilities to win more and more prizes.

Scatter Symbols

Scatters are symbols that activate a certain feature or payment, no matter your position on the reels (they do not need to appear in an exact order for you to take the prize). In most games with scatter symbols they work as follows –

If 2 scatters appear on the screen, you double your prize.

With 3 scatter, you quadruple your gain.

And with 4 scatters, you receive nine times the original payment.

However, not all scatter symbols are the same. In some online slots, some are known to activate a bonus game or even set a prize by combining three specific scatter symbols. In fact, the scatter symbol does not say anything explicitly about the type of prize you will receive.

Bonus Round

In slot pragmatic games, when you hit a certain combination, you can access bonus rounds. It can be any combination, as long as it has three scatter symbols, for three specific round symbols, or even a certain symbol or roll. To gain access to the bonus rounds, make sure that the slot machine offers this game, before betting your money. In bonus rounds, the machines feature changed rollers so that an infinity of other symbols appear and the normal ones remain intact, but with a different value than the one you usually find. Some machines even have extra rollers added.

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Free Spins

If you hit a certain combination, you get a number of free spins on the online slots. The payout for certain combinations is further increased during the free spins. You can get new free spins during your free game and they will be added to your active spins.

Wild Symbols

The wild symbol acts as a substitute for other symbols to help the player create winning combinations. Although they are extravagant symbols, they generally cannot be replaced by bonus or scatter symbols, but this differs from machine to machine. Therefore, always read the terms and conditions of the games before placing your bets.