The UK has extremely popular sporting events that people all over the world enjoy. With the lockdowns during the pandemic, people worldwide have taken a keen interest in online sports betting. So, it’s only natural that they’ll try to bet on sporting events in the UK. 

Luckily, plenty of international gambling websites in the UK allow foreigners to bet from different parts of the world. Here are a few things you should know before you start betting. 

Basics Of Online Betting In The UK

Anyone over the age of 18 can place bets on UK bookmarkers through the internet. But for the international audience, it’s not that simple. When gambling sites travel across borders, they must comply with certain national and international laws before letting anyone bet. 

A UK betting site will need to be licenced to operate in any territory they want to operate in before allowing bettors access. They’ll also need a licence from the UK to allow international bettors to make bets. Aside from the legal issues, the actual betting is pretty much the same as everywhere else.

Legal Sportsbooks In the UK

Signing up with renowned sportsbooks is always the safest option for foreign bettors. Not only do these sportsbooks have a proper platform for international bettors, but you’re less likely to face any legal issues with them. Not to mention the number of options for banking and payments you get with these websites. Here are some of the international sportsbooks that allow foreign players to place bets.

William Hill

William hiss is unarguably one of the oldest betting sites in the UK, and they are licenced to operate in many countries. The website operates in 70 different regions outside of the UK. But in some regions, the website has restricted access due to international laws. The company also has great customer service, and you can ask them about the betting options in your country. On the downside, they require you to create separate accounts in some countries and register with a permanent address. 

888 Sports 

888 Sport is an international giant in the online sporting world. In all countries where online betting Is legal, 888 Sports has some form of presence there. In addition to sports, the website also covers casino games. As a result, bettors can enjoy a wide coverage of betting options on casino games and sports events. The main letdown of the website is its slow customer service, but that’s understandable given its wide network. 


Ladbrokes has been in business since the 1880s, making them one of the oldest sportsbooks in the UK. Not only that, but they are also the largest sports betting platform in the UK. They operate in around 220 countries over the world; that’s why their website only lists countries they don’t operate in. On top of that, they have fast customer support, so you can ask them about the legality of operating in your country. To bet on Ladbrokes from a foreign country, you’ll need a residential address for the UK.

Rules For Betting In the UK

You should always be careful of laws concerning online gambling, especially for international gambling, since the rules vary a lot. There are two types of licences in the UK for international gambling sites. One is for unrestricted access where you don’t need a new account for every country. The other is restricted access, where you’ll need another account and a permanent address. In countries with no gambling laws, the sites have unrestricted access since they don’t need to follow any specific rules. 

How To Dodge Illegal Sportsbooks?

It’s no surprise that with so many websites around, some of them will be illegal. It’s easy for scammers to blend in with the crowd by having a good user interface and fake promotions. Many gamblers get swayed by promotions like getting $500 cashback on deposits. They might seem tempting, but they aren’t true. These promos are specifically designed to lure in novice gamblers and scam them for money. 

The best way to avoid such sites is by checking their licences. If you can’t find it easily, chances are that the site is illegal.

Take A Look At The Payment Methods

Before you start placing bets online, always look at the payment options for payouts. Some websites allow deposits from your bank accounts, but they only offer payouts through wire transfers. This can be a problem as wire transfers take a bit of time to process. If this is something you’re okay with, then go ahead. But if you like to cash your winning immediately, you should look for sportsbooks that offer wider banking options.

The Difference Between Sportsbooks and International Online Casinos

Despite being more or less the same, online casinos and sportsbooks are licenced separately. So, it’s possible that both options might not be available to the international players. Not just international bettors, but in some regions in the UK, where either sports betting or casino gambling is banned, users won’t be able to access that part of the website. Generally, it’s the sportsbooks that face the most legal issues. On the other hand, casino games are more or less the same and are available to a wider audience. 

Before accessing a site, check their licence and terms to better understand the games you can partake in.

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