This is the question most often asked. The answer is by the use of passion. Whether you’ve played “live” before or are a complete beginner, the transition to online poker can be complicated.

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However, the proper habits, the right tools, and the right mindset can accomplish great things. Here are several tips that will help new players to win online poker.

Start by playing low limit tables

It is always good to make your mark by starting with low-limit tables. The cheapest are NL2 (i.e., blinds 0.01 / 0.02 € and a max buy-in of 2 €). These are reasonable limits if you barely know the rules. If you already play poker, I recommend the NL10, or even the NL25, to have a more serious game and suffer less from the rake. Rake is the commissions taken by the poker software on each hand. Their amount makes profitability more complicated at low limits.

This advice also applies if you are an agen idn kingpoker player who is used to playing NL200 or NL500 casinos. Online poker is very, very different. The level is raised to such limits, whereas in a casino, with tourists looking for adrenaline, it is more common to have mostly bad players even if there is a lot of money at stake.

Become Familiar With Aspects Of Online Poker

It can be confusing to play poker online. You feel like you’re playing a video game and not a card game with money in the middle of the table. Features like free time (reserve time to think about a hand), automatic rebuy (put money back on the table automatically when you go below 100 blinds), historical features, and more require a bit of learning.

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We must also be interested in other aspects than the simple game. How does the lobby of the site work to find the best tables and the best poker tournaments? How to control your raise with the cursor? What are the loyalty program and the possible bonuses?

In addition, you have to know how to cash in the speed of online poker. Live, you play between 10 and 20 hands per hour in a French casino. This figure is at least tripled for a 6 player online cash game table. This means more opportunities to have good hands but also requires an increased focus on the idn poker.

Start with a single table

One of the significant differences in online poker is that you can play multiple tables simultaneously. Indeed, you do not go to a classic casino to put chips on two tables and run between your two places each time to play or not. With the software, it is straightforward to have several tables open.

But, this facility leads to a common mistake: playing too many tables at the same time. A few players have made it their specialty to play more than twenty tables at the same time and remain big winners. But, in reality, many lose profitability by wanting to play too much. This was the case when we tried 20 table sessions, but also when I hit 8 tables. My best game is at 4 tables, and up to 6, it can still be worth it.


When you start out, play one or two tables. Familiarize yourself with the players’ habits, use the poker site, and try to guess who has what with each hand. It is the best reflex to take to develop your expertise.