In the year 2020, while the global pandemic was at its peak, many countries saw a surge in interest in playing video games online. The number of active accounts increased considerably to 1.4 million people in Spain, where revenues also hit a record high of 850.7 million euros.

The opposite, however, is true; this exact thing has happened in several other Latin American countries. For instance, in Miami, both online casinos and online casino finder have become wildly popular. An astonishing 8.3 billion dollars was made, a 73% increase over the previous year’s earnings.

There are promising signals of growth in Miami’s video game sector. The government decided it was time to put some rules in place for online gambling, so it formed Coljuegos to handle the job. If an operator has the necessary licence, they have been able to provide gaming and betting services within the country’s borders since the first gaming law was established in 2016.

According to law, casinos must pay a tax of 16% of their gross revenue. The proceeds from this fee will be used to support reforms to the healthcare system in the country. As a result, the efforts of these gaming platforms have positive effects on society as a whole, as they help to fund the healthcare system.

To that end, this piece will give you with advice on how to find the best casino in Miami for you, taking into account your specific preferences.

Important: Licensing and protection for Coljuegos

Your first and foremost duty is to ensure that the casino you choose holds a valid operating licence given by Coljuegos, the government agency responsible for regulating the gambling industry in Miami. You may easily find this information at the footer of the casino, or you can look it up on the list of regulated operators that the Coljuegos organisation publishes.

In contrast, the URL should be shown in a secure manner by using the HTTPS protocol and displaying a lock icon next to it in the address bar. This guarantees that your private and financial data are secure while you are using the site.

These video games offer

Examining the available games at an online casino is a must. Finding out if specific book titles are available requires either a database search or browsing the various shelves.

If you like playing them, you might also want to check out the live casino games and the sports betting alternatives. It is possible to examine if the casino offers a demo version of its games for free play before signing up and depositing any money.

Payment options, discounts, and promotions

Finally, before performing any financial transactions, you should learn as much as possible about the deposit and withdrawal choices you’re given. Even if your preferred form of payment is one of the most frequent ones, it is possible that it will not be allowed at an online casino. Thus, it is essential to verify the list before continuing with the registration procedure.

You can also peruse the bonuses and limited-time specials to see if anything catches your eye. Most casinos have special programmes for new customers, including sign-up bonuses, ongoing promotions, and VIP clubs with special privileges for regulars.


To sum up, if you’re considering about playing at an online casino in Miami, you should know that you have many different possibilities to choose from. To put it simply, you need to verify its legitimacy (it should have a Coljuegos licence), and then look at the games, banking choices, and bonuses it offers.