Indonesian players can fund their poker accounts at international ligapoker sites using the following options for depositing money into their accounts. There might be a case where you have to try a different withdrawal method if none of them work.

Credit Cards

Visa and Mastercard may be options if a bank transfer is not possible. You can deposit your desired amount with Visa or Mastercard, if they are available among your deposit options. If you use a credit card, you may need to make a minimum deposit. Moreover, you might not be able to deposit using this method with all banks. Try a pre-paid option such as those below if you cannot use a standard Visa or Mastercard.


Not only can you fund online poker purchases with EntroPay, you can also make online purchases with this payment method. Money can be deposited into an EntroPay account by Indonesian users and then converted into any currency needed to pay for their purchases. You are issued a virtual MasterCard, and EntroPay shows the payment as a Visa credit card payment. Visa, Mastercard, or bank account transfers are all acceptable for loading this virtual card. You will be charged fees if you use EntroPay. EntroPay charges 4.95% for card transfers and 3.95% for bank transfers. EnterroPay accepts transfers with a minimum of 15 Euro, which is 197500 IDR.


The AsiaPay88 payment method for poker deposits is the top option available to East and South-East Asian players. You will find it under your online poker client’s cashier options on poker sites that support this method of payment. You will be guided through the deposit process as soon as you select AsiaPay88 to make your deposit. After you have completed your transaction, you will typically need to fax a screenshot to the site so they can extend you credit.

Mandiri Debit Card

You can make an online deposit with a Mandiri debit card if you have either an individual Rupiah savings account or a Mandiri Rupiah current account. The process of making a deposit with your credit card is similar to that of making a purchase online. Your site may accept Mandiri debit cards, so check with customer service.

Bank Transfer

Bank transfers are the simplest method of depositing into your poker account. Since funds are available almost instantly, this will typically be the no.1 choice for most online portals. The company you want to engage for such an exchange should have the preferred bank on hand that you can ask the customer service agent.

You will then need to find out the operator account details once you have this information. A name, a number, and a bank name will usually be listed here. Two simple reasons should lead you to try and use the site’s preferred bank. By doing so, you will ensure that funds are transferred to your account as soon as possible. Furthermore, you can bypass Interbank transfer fees by using the preferred bank. Please be aware that your own bank may charge you a fee for bank transfers. Consult your local bank about potential fees.