Bingo is a fascinating game, isn’t it? Because of the fact its roots can be found hundreds of years ago, in the 1500s to be precise, bingo is one of the oldest gambling games that is still being played today, second only to blackjack really. It’s funny though, because whilst bingo and blackjack originated at around about the same time, they really could not be further apart in regard to their stature and presentation within the gambling world – try and play online bingo games.

Blackjack is a bona fide casino favourite, for example, however that is more than we can say for bingo, which has historically been somewhat looked down upon by the rest of the casino gambling community. Only now, after the 20th century remarkable upsurge in bingo popularity, has bingo become an acceptable casino gambling game, especially after the rise of online bingo. It got us thinking, what is the best way to play and win at online bingo? Read on for a lowdown! 

The online bingo basics 

Before we get into some solid tips and tricks on how to increase your chances of winning online bingo let’s just go through a few of the basics here, as not everybody will have played online bingo before. In essence online bingo is just an online version of the bingo game we all know and love, however there are a few other differences to be aware of. 

Online bingo can come in various forms, from the standard 75 ball or 90 ball bingo varieties, all the way through to more niche and inventive style such as slingo. Another cool thing about online bingo is the presence of dedicated chat rooms where players can interact and even win smaller prizes. 

A few popular classic bingo strategies 

Right then, onto a few of the best tips on how to win at online bingo. Firstly let’s just explore the world of classic bingo strategies, as these can still be utilized quite efficiently in the world of modern online bingo too. Something called the Granville strategy is one of the most famous, and it revolves around making sure the scorecard you buy has an equal sum of highs and lows and odds and evens. 

There is also the Tippett strategy devised by a British statistician of the same name. After a lot of numerical analysis he found that the probability of bingo balls being drawn closer to the number 38 increase with the length of bingo game. So for longer games find scorecards with more numbers in this vicinity, and do the opposite for short bingo games. 

The importance of stocking up on bingo scorecards 

By far the easiest way to increase your odds of winning online bingo is simply to make sure you have as many scorecards as you can afford, because this necessarily will give you more chance of winning. 

There is one dangerous thing to consider here however: if you have too many scorecards to actually keep track of you might be shooting yourself in the foot.